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Plenary Session: Young Guns – Waste Reduction Innovators

Prepare to be inspired by this group of young waste reduction entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of waste management while working towards a healthier planet.

Moderator: Mikhael Metauro (Cascades Recovery+)

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Opening Keynote: Sudhir Suri – L’OEUF Architects

Moderator: Rick Valdarchi (City of Calgary)

Sudhir Suri (L’OEUF Architects) – A Very Big Village Indeed

An innovator in collaborative process, Sudhir has investigated and designed architectural, landscape and living systems for over 20 years. Convinced that ‘sustainability’ sets the bar too low, his ‘resonant design’ work has been awarded multiple prizes, including the Green Energy Benny Farm project, judged the most sustainable project in North America and third in the world by the Swiss Holcim Foundation. Sudhir also designed the living systems and ecosystem services framework for the Petit Rivière Master Plan, and designed the first structural, insulated rammed earth house in Quebec. His recent work was shortlisted for the Saint-Laurent Sports Complex competition, the Pierrefonds Public Library competition, the Montreal Biodome competition and most recently for the Chambly Center for Knowledge, History and Culture. Sudhir’s current work includes completion of the NDG Cultural Centre; a micro-housing and agriculture project in downtown Montreal; and a soon-to-be-released series of prefabricated passive homes.

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Concurrent Session: Village Potluck – Tackling Food Waste

Food waste is an environmental as well as a social issue that has been receiving increasing focus in both policies as well as programs. This session presents examples of both actions and advocacy to tackle food waste.

Moderator: Connie Anderson (Molok)

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Concurrent Session: Village Yard Sale – Promoting Reuse

Reuse is recognized as higher on the waste management hierarchy than recycling, but in practice has proven difficult to integrate and promote. We are proud to present a group of key innovators in this area.

Moderator: Brock Macdonald (Recycling Council of BC)

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Concurrent Session: Cross-Country Checkup

A country as vast as ours offers a variety of approaches to reducing waste, all of which offer lessons in implementing effective programs. Some key thought leaders will discuss their specific programs.

Moderator: Nick Day (GEEP Canada)

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