Alex Villeneuve

Alex Villeneuve is a third year apprentice chef, recent graduate of the brewmaster and brewery-operations-management program at Olds College and director of Ceres Solutions Ltd. Alex’s passion for local and sustainable food, waste up-cycling, permaculture, and of course craft beer all played a role in the creation of his company. Ceres takes an innovative and environmentally conscious approach to adding value to the tons of spent grain produced as a by-product of the beer brewing process. Ceres uses these otherwise wasted spent grains as a substrate to cultivate gourmet mushrooms which can be sold to local restaurants and farmer’s markets. As a result of the mushrooms’ growth, the protein content of the spent grain substrate is drastically increased making it a valuable animal feed. Alex’s company has won a number of prestigious awards since its incorporation in 2015 and has been featured in media profiles across the country including Macleans, CBC, Canadian Living, and The Walrus.

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