Aman Adatia

Aman Adatia (along with his wife and partner Stephanie Shields) first changed Calgary’s curbside dining when he elevated the food truck concept from ‘street meat’ to a highly sought after, award winning, restaurant on wheels – Eat Naaco. It was a unique entrepreneurial model that allowed Aman to serve kick ass food, build community, and care for the environment.

As a born and raised Calgarian, and first-generation Canadian, the opportunity to now build a multi-dimensional, highly impactful, community-focused hospitality organization, truly encompasses his life’s accomplishments to date. Aman deeply believes that
social enterprise is the future of capitalism. Not only does the product have to be compelling, but that the social good comes with the product – ensuring a story that has social, environmental, and economic measures, are embedded into the organizational DNA.

Aman has been fortunate to cultivate meaningful friendships with well-respected leaders in both the private and public sectors, many of whom act as mentors to ensure that his ambitious goals, and trademark ‘go get ’em Tiger’ attitude is directioned, not stifled. Aman is a valued board and committee member, a coach to aspiring food entrepreneurs, and an engaged citizen.

Chef, entrepreneur, and activist – Aman is a big systems, strategic thinker, who will continue making a FARE difference.

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