Elias Tomaras

Elias has been working with The City of Calgary since 2010. He is currently the Project Manager for The City’s Waste in Public Spaces (WIPS) project, a corporate initiative to improve public waste diversion across Calgary.

WIPS has brought together business units from across the Corporation to create common standards around signage, bin placement, garbage-to-recycling ratios, among others. Over the past 12 months, WIPS has focused on implementing these standards, significantly improving access to public recycling. This past summer, WIPS also conducted an in-depth public waste composition study, differentiating between sidewalks, bus stops, light rail transit, parks, and many other special-use public spaces. WIPS has ambitious plans to continue building on these successes making Calgary a leading municipality in public waste diversion.

Elias has an MSc from the University of Calgary and a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. Prior to his work on WIPS, he conducted physiology research for the University of Calgary and various industry clients. His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Discovery Channel, CBC’s The National, as well as published in several academic journals. After years of managing projects related to physiology, Elias is thrilled to be using his skills on more pragmatic and socially responsible projects that benefit his community and Calgary’s environment. Being relatively new to waste management, he depends extensively on the remarkable knowledge and expertise of his colleagues at The City of Calgary.

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