Bill Stitt

Bill Stitt is the General Manager, Calgary Operations, at CASCADES RECOVERY+, a Division of Cascades Canada ULC.

He was born in Montreal and decided to move to Vancouver in 1979.Two weeks later, he was in the Recycling Industry! He was transferred to Toronto in 1985, then to Calgary in 1990 where he continues to reside and work.

In August 2017, Bill started his 39th year of service in the Recycling Industry. During this time, he has worked for numerous companies but only because of ownership change, not because he moved to other companies.

When ownership changes so do a lot of the work processes. Whenever Bill hears an employee say, “but we have always done it that way”, he looks at them with an optimistic smile and says; “hey, things change, I used to have long wavy hair down past my shoulders.”

Positions also held over the years include: Plant Manager, Regional Manager – Prairies, Director of Operations – Western Canada, Vice President & General Manager – Western Canada. Plus, Bill has the honor of being a two-time (recycled) Past President of the Recycling Council of Alberta.

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